Dean Waters Magic

Dean Waters hails from a small town in southeast Georgia. It was there he began to foster a love for the art of magic at the young age of 6. He was particularly fascinated with the work of the magicians he saw performing for tourists on the streets in historic Savannah Georgia. He was captivated with the way they kept crowds of complete strangers mesmerized with impossible displays of magic. All done on the streets for random audiences and without a big stage or fancy props. He knew this was something special and wanted desperately to be a part of it.  

From there, Dean would spend years reading magic books of all varieties, and dedicated hours each day into practice. He was always watching magicians such as David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and David Blaine on T.V. and looked at them as heroes. He was obsessed with the magical arts and was rarely not performing or creating magic, even at a young age.

As a teenager, he began performing alongside the street magicians he had idolized and realized he could make a modest living busking on the streets and fine-tuning his craft. Which he did for the next couple of years, finally using his skills as a performer to entertain thousands.

As he grew older, he began working behind the bars and quickly developed a reputation in the cities he worked. It was there he continued to entertain audiences, while also becoming a  highly skilled mixologist and flair bartender.

While working some of the busiest bars on the east coast and continuing to perform his magic, he began learning the techniques of mentalism, and the memory arts. He found these as particular areas of interest in the world of magic and would spend several more years learning and practicing these new skills.

It wasn't long before he had written and begun performing a parlor show that combined extraordinary mentalist and memory routines, alongside truly astonishing magic. All delivered in his signature hilarious and charming style. 

He now performs magic in nearly every setting you can imagine. A delightful blend of comedy, magic, mystery,  mind-reading, and (true to his bartending roots) plenty of shenanigans! He entertains audiences of all sizes.

He is a collector of many oddities, including Rubiks cubes, Coins, playing cards, Comic books, &  antique bar tools, among other things . In his spare time he likes to play music, paint, hike and of course, spend time with his wife Lindsey and his son Parker. He currently resides in Chico, CA, and when not performing for an event, he can be found doing magic and mixing cocktails at The Pour House Lounge & Restaurant. 

In the magic community Dean has many friends, idols, mentors, and collaborators. But his biggest influences in helping shape the performer he would become go to Doc Eason, Ricky Jay, Mac King, David Williamson, Gregory Wilson, Harry Anderson, Juan Tamariz, and Bill Malone. Much thanks to these fine gentlemen for the wonderful work, humor, and of course, the magic! 


"Dean is quite possibly the most highly skilled magician in the last 100 years"

/  Dean's personal yes-man  /

"I have no idea who that is"

  / Oprah /

"Wait......What?! He told me he was a lawyer! You tell him to call me!"

/Dean's mother/