Dean Waters Magic


Show Formats

a guide to deciding what kind of performance for your event



Close-up/Strolling show

Dean's close-up and strolling service provides a very up-close and personal performance for your guests. Dean performs magic with cards, coins, rubik's cubes, and other small objects. There is little else quite like seeing astonishing magic just inches from the performer. Very strong magic that often happens in your guests hands and right in front of their eyes. Suitable for any events where your guests may be scattered in small groups such as a party or restaurant/bar. A surefire way to make sure your next event and it's guests will have stories to tell for years to come. Perfect for Company get-togethers, restaurants and bars parties, charity events, wedding receptions, and other special occasions.


Parlor Show 


The Parlor show format is for small to medium-sized rooms with anywhere from 15 to 50 audience members. Your attendees will be in awe after watching Dean's unique combination of his most in-depth and astounding effects. All this blended together with hilarious banter, stories from inside the life of a magician, and demonstrations of impossibilities you have to see to believe. Suitable for parties, company functions, dinner-theater venues, small theaters, fundraising events, and many more settings.  

Stage Show

Dean's stage show is for venues that range in size from a small auditorium to stadiums. A bigger production for large crowds, this is the show for crowds of 100+ audience members. In his stage show, Dean weaves more comedy together with bigger illusions and mind-warping mentalism. At times your audience will be laughing, at times they will be on the edge of their seats during dangerous stunts,  but one thing for certain,  they will always be amazed by an incredible show. We recommend reaching out at least 90 days prior to the event for these shows.


Restaurant/Bar Magic

Having worked extensively in very busy restaurants and bars for the last 15 years, Dean understands exactly what goes into providing quality entertainment and improved flow of service in your restaurant. Whether you need  someone to entertain your patrons during your busiest nights and keep everyone happy, or maybe you are looking for a way to boost your revenue on your slower days, Dean is the right guy for the job. Not only will he amaze your guests and have them talking about your business long after they've left, he will also help with marketing in your area to boost your sales every time he walks into your establishment. Everyone young and old is sure to be amazed and Dean will help assure that you earn yourselves some new regular customers week after week. 

Still not sure?

Still not sure what kind of performance is best for you? Maybe you have an idea for something special? Looking for a Television Performance or exclusive content for your social media page? Need a magician consultant for an upcoming project? Please contact Dean directly via phone or email(listed below) and he will be happy to help!


Dean Waters